Weekly Photo Outing

This week we take our small compact point and shoot digital camera to the Kantoke Palace in Chiang Mai.   Everyone visits Chiang Mai at one time or the other during their travels through Thailand and there’s no better place to enjoy a nice traditional northern Thailand dinner and show than the Kantoke Palace.

Thai traditional dancers

If my memory serves me correctly an all you can eat dinner, drink, and show ran 450 baht per person.  I definitely remember it being a great deal.  You sit in a big open air but totally covered theater at low tables where you sit on the floor.  Instead of crossing your legs just stick them under the table and you’ll find a hollow perfectly spaced to allow your legs to sit like you’re on a chair.  Once seated they’ll start bringing food and during the entire time different types of entertainment is happening all around you.  You don’t know whether to eat, watch, or take pictures!

Northen folk dancer

I was a guest and didn’t even think to bring my DSLR which was packed carefully back in my hotel room.  However, I always carry a small point and shoot in my knapsack so taking my Canon G9 from my knapsack I set it on the table and waiting for what I thought would make a good photograph.  They dimmed the lights over the tables and used spotlights on the entertainers so I selected the closest white balance I could find and then tried a few with and without the G9’s internal flash.  I was seated at a table about 20-40 meters from the subjects so I was using the full range of the 24-205mm (35mm equivalent) zoom lens, and I found the internal flash did a good job of filling in where the spotlights didn’t.  This wasn’t an easy set but with a bit of trial and error I soon had my compact taking pictures that many can’t tell from a professional DSLR.

Fish Dance

The food was great and they replaced the empty dishes with full dishes without even asking.  After the show we walked through the exhibits and venders area and rare for me I even bought a few things.  There were some shirts that really looked comfortable and I bought two.  After the first washing they now fit my 12 year old next door neighbors boy.  Buyer beware.  Mark this one on your list of “must visits” for your next trip to Chiang Mai. 

Hill tribe costume