Weekly Photo Outing

This week we travel to Bang Chang in the Rayong province.  Bang Chang is about 20-30 minutes south of Pattaya and has quickly become one of my favorite places for a quiet getaway.  There is small expat community there made up of some retirees, but mostly workers in the oil industry who service the nearby refineries.  Below is a map with Bang Chang marked in relation to Pattaya and also shows the location of the lighthouse.

Map of Ban Chang

One of my favorite places for interesting photographs is the refineries.  I expected security to be much tighter and restrict access, but for the most part I was able to drive just about anywhere I wanted with no questions or worries.


A refinery in Ban Chang

Nearby you’ll find kilometer after kilometer of unspoiled seafront properties untouched by commercial interests and void of the uber rich.  For the most part the homes right on the water have been there for decades and are owned by those of common means.  There are a few developments, but most were left unfinished during the financial crisis of 1997.  One develop was eager to sell seaside properties half completed.  In one of the pictures below you can see a very nicely sized home right on the water, roof on, but the windows were never installed and the inside finished out.  There are many such properties and I’m told they’re a real bargain.

An unfinished house by Ban Chang sea   Scenic view from unfinished Ban Chang homes

Close by you’ll find several very nice beaches with plenty of places to eat, scenic views, old fishing boats and a very quiet and pleasant feeling.  A few kilometers inland and you’ll come upon rubber tree plantations, coconut trees, small mountains, fields, and many places of natural beauty.  Bang Chang really has a lot to offer for someone looking to retire near the seaside and a nice quiet town with decent infrastructure, but probably won’t be of much interest to those on holiday looking for a good time.

Ban Chang seaside food vendors           Inland plantations

Bang Chang is in my GPS’s memory which I’ll pull up whenever I want to enjoy a few quiet and inexpensive days in a place not even two hours from Bangkok.