Weekly Photo Outing

This week we travel to Pattaya and the awesome Sanctuary of Truth.  You can visit their website here for more information including visiting hours, tour prices, and some nice photography.  Sanctuary of Truth  (embed this link here:  http://www.sanctuaryoftruth.com/)

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya  

I’ve visited the Sanctuary of Truth many times, each time concentrating on a specific area.  Built entirely of hand carved wood this extraordinary structure rises in a hugely distorted perspective right next to Pattaya Bay.  Huge by any standard, the structure is constantly under construction to both increase its size and to repair the constant corrosion caused by its very close proximity to the ocean.   Scores of artists work in a nearby tent churning out piece after piece of beautiful hand carved art, each piece designed to become a component of the larger theme.  On-site you must wear the provided hard hat and you’re welcome to tour the temple alone, or pay a relatively small “tip” to one of the many knowledgeable guides. 

You will be seeing more of the Sanctuary of Truth in future columns as I cover different places to capture her from, the artists who build her, and the surrounding attractions on the site such as the dolphin show, speedboat rides, elephant rides, pony carriages, and the fine on-site restaurant.   For now, allow me to share are few more exterior views and several interior shots showing a few of the spectacular carvings.

Seaside view of Sanctuary of Truth   Spiritual carvings   Low light work inside Sanctuary of Truth