One of the true pleasures of writing this column and running my business is getting to know the people I meet during the course of my work.  People from the world over contact me with questions, or to offer advice, or to share an experience and it really enriches my life.  One such person is Kevin J. who has made his life in Vietnam.  Over the last year he's shared his thoughts and images and I really enjoyed them, so I asked if he'd share them with the readership.  He generously agreed.  Thank you Kevin!


Kevin Kevin first experienced Vietnam as a 19 year old soldier.  In 2002 he returned and met his wife shortly thereafter.  He now lives in a small town north of Phan Rang and shares his place with various critters.  When you live in an exotic land photography becomes fun.  Kevin has had various digital point and shoots and recently purchased a Canon 500d.  He's already looking towards the future while eyeing the 7d or 5d Mark II.  You can send me (Steve) your feedback and I'll forward it on to Kevin.  I'm sure he'd be  glad to hear from you.


Kevin has captioned some of these photos, others will remain uncaptioned.  There isn't a narrative, just  flow of really nice images to give you a taste of the flavor of his country.  Enjoy.


Vietnam, fish nets in the bay


Vietnam, nice golden sunset


Vietnam, waiting for the boat


Vietnam, cruise ship


Vietnam, view of charter boat


Vietnam, lady being seasick


Vietnam, caucasion woman in bikini


Vietnam, everyone is full


Viietnam, huge meal on the boat


Vietnam, karoke on a boat


Vietnam, musicians.


Vietnam, band on a boat


Vietnam, musicans playing on the boat


Vietnam, swimming


Vietnam, swimming


Vietnam, swimming


Vietnam, jetskis


Vietnam, lunch on a boat


Vietnam, interesting building


Vietnam, friends together


Vietnam, ferry crossing, lady sleeping


Vietnam, rice fields


Vietnam, rice field workers working


Vietnam, water buffalos, farm,


Vietnam water buffalos


Vietnam, view of ocean


Vietnam, beach


Vietnam, ocean


Vietnam, nice landscape


Vietnam, beautiful landscape


Vietnam, beautiful oceanscape


Vietnam, beautiful landscape


Vietnam, tidal pools, shrimp


Vietnam, railroad tracks


Vietnam, inlet, islands,


Vietnam, lagoon


Vietnam, rice field workers


Vietnam, rice field workers


Vietnam, Rural Woman


Vietnam, Rural Children


Vietnam, Rice fields


Vietnam, small fishing boats, sea shore


Vietnam, beaches with hotels


Vietnam, small islands


Vietnam, small island offshore


Vietnam, gondola over the bay, tramway


Vietnam, Gondola, tramway


Vietnam, Gondola


Vietnam, big city


Vietnam, oceanside


Vietnam, Crosswalk


Vietnam, Sea Scenic


Vietnam by the ocean shore


Vietnam, bay, point, beach


Vietnam, rocky coast, bay


Vietnam,big fishing net


Vietnam beach


Vietnam Rice field


Rural Vietnam