Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse

Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse


3 Years Ago..

When it comes to your image workstation I've always maintained that your input and output devices, the devices you use to interface with the workstation, are even more important than the workstation itself.  What good is the state of the art workstation PC if you're viewing your images on a monitor not capable of displaying the entire color gamut?  Or of your graphic tablet doesn't have the resolution to effect the desired changes?  Or if your keyboard feels like much and it limits your typing speed?  Human Interface devices (HID's) are the only thing between your mind and your workstation.  We should always select the best such devices our budget allows.

Three years ago I upgraded my keyboard and mouse to wireless Logitech devices.  Logitech is a trusted company with a great reputation and they've been around since the 8088.  Not wanting to make a mistake, especially considering the price of top items, I read a lot of reviews and made my selection.  I selected the diNovo Edge Keyboard (retail $199.00 USD) and the MX Revolution mouse (retail $129.00 USD).  Despite a significant price hike over US prices I purchased both these items locally for two reasons.  They were in stock for immediate use, and they would be covered under warranty and Logitech has a local warranty repair center.  There's a huge advantage to being able to 'walk in' and walk out minutes later with an exchange product, vs. mailing it back to the states, mailing fees, duty/tax fees, shipping times, etc.  Logitech has a 3 year warranty on their products so I knew for three years I'd be covered.


Logitech MX Revolution cordless laster mouse used for image processing.  Bangkok Images

Logitech MX Revolution


I'm a heavy keyboard and mouse user.  I've always wore these devices out in a matter of months before, and despite the top quality of Logitech prices I figured I'd go through a few in the warranty period and I did.  So far they've replaced (without fuss or argument) the keyboard 3 times and the mouse over 10 times.  Don't get me wrong, these were great products and I still love using them.  It's just that if any little thing goes wrong with them, or wears one, I notice and I want them replaced.  Logitech has taken care of me very well.  I have not a single complaint.  The Bangkok service center is both friendly and professional.


Last Week..

My MX Revolution mouse developed a small issue and I took it in for replacement as I'd been doing for years.  Looking at the date sticker the representative reminded me my warranty had expired.  However, his computer reminded him how many times I'd been in previously and he felt he should take care of me.  He explained they no longer support the MX Revolution.  It's been replaced in most countries by the new Logitech Performance Mouse MX with some great new features like a laser that lets it track on clear glass, a unifying receiver, and the best switches and feel available.


Logitech MX Performance Mouse, used for image processing, Bangkok Images

Logitech Performance Mouse MX


Unfortunately it's also the most expensive and none of the local Logitech dealers will carry it.  I've tried for several months and not one of the many I've spoken with are interested.  If I want the Logitech Performance Mouse MX I'll need to order it from the states and suffer through any warranty issues. 


MX Performance Mouse

Logitech Performance Mouse MX


For now my service center representative said the best he can do is offer me the best mouse they do carry, the MX1100.  It's "nearly" as good as the Performance Mouse MX feature wise, and with no other choice I thanked him and headed home with my new mouse. 


MX1100 Logitech Cordless Laser Mouse

Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse


MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse 

Once home I unpacked the mouse from it's plastic armor and took a closer look at it.  It's sides are covered with a very nice tactile feel ballistic rubber, and the top surface is a lightly textured paint cover.  Each button is covered in the same soft ballistic rubber and LED's (light emitting diodes) show if the mouse is active and how much battery life is left.  This mouse is molded in the same style as the MX Revolution and the Performance Mouse MX.  These are large 'whole hand' mice designed for comfortable all day use.


MX1100, Bangkok Images, Thailand, image processing

Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse


As you take in the ergonomically designed lines you'll see the scroll wheel is exactly where it should be, while the front toggle switch (outlined in orange) is a bit far forward for my small hand.  The side 'forward back' buttons are perfectly placed.


Image processing with MX1100 Logitech Cordless Laser Mouse

Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse


The ballistic rubber along the sides have small dimples for additional traction should your hands be unusually wet or slick for some reason.  I can't help this feature is more for looks than necessary function.  The button directly behind the scroll wheel enables the 'free-spin' or 'click-spin' feel.


MX1100 LED's

Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse




One of the first things I noticed compared to the MX Revolution mouse is that the MX1100 takes a battery.  The MX Revolution has rechargeable batteries and ever 3-4th day needs to be left in it's charging station for 3-4 hours to top off the batteries.  In practice I think I'll prefer having a regular battery.  I popped in the two 'included' Duracell AA's and the battery life meter tells me they're good for 284 days.  As you use the mouse and the software learns your habits and for how long each day you work, this number of days will change.  I learned with the MX Revolution that the rechargeable batteries were good for up to 4 days when the batteries/mouse was new, but after 7-8 months they would only hold a charge for half that time.  And several times when I forgot to place the MX in the charger I was stuck with no mouse.  Sticking in a new set of AA's every 7-8 months will be far preferable.

All the top Logitech mice have the "hyper-fast scrolling" wheel.  If you navigate long web pages, long PDF's, or any sort of long document you'll soon love this feature.  The included software allows you to customize the feel of this scroll wheel.

The mouse communicates to the PC via a USB 2.4gig dongle.  I've used these for years and they're absolutely reliable.  There is no issue with reliable use and communication.

The laser engine has an adjustable DPI!  This is very welcome if you're a gamer, or if you work on images where sometimes you'll want to move fast through some images, and other times you want to slow down and add a bit of fine detail to your image.  There is a "stealth thumb button" resting right under your thumb that can be set to toggle through the resolution choices.



Installation is a breeze.  If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you don't even need to install software unless you want to custom program button function.  The standard Window's drivers will automatically sense your mouse and it will be instantly available.

Logitech provides a CD with it's Setpoint control software and I recommend you give it a try.  The installation takes under 60 seconds and  when finished you'll be able to define how each button and wheel on the mouse functions and what it controls.


SetPoint 4.8 Control Software


Setpoint setup


The tabs along the top let you select either your keyboard or your mouse or the tools page.  See how the left click button is highlighted in red?  Under "2." you can then select its function.  Left click, right click, whatever.. and then you can move on to the next button and set it too.


Setpoint Setup


Now I've selected the scroll wheel and under "2." its labeled the 'zoom' wheel.  The scroll wheel is a triple function wheel.  Press it all the way down and now you can "zoom" your browser pages in/out, or your images in/out.  Just spinning the wheel allows you to scroll through your pages.  Tilting the wheel to the right/left lets you scroll to the right/left.


Logitech Setpoint Setup Screen


I've set up the toggle switch on mine to control the volume output to my speakers.


Bangkok Images, image processing workshops


My side buttons are set to "cruise" up and down a web page or document.  If I don't want to spin the scroll wheel to move long distances I can simply hold the back/forward button down and it moves through the document at a convenient rate.




Clicking on the cursor tab allows me to set my pointer speed and acceleration.  I can also enable "smart move" so the cursor automatically moves to the next "yes/no" in the event a dialogue box appears.


Setpoint Setup Screen


If you're a gamer you'll appreciate the "Game Detection" feature.  The control software will sense when a game becomes active and then apply certain settings which are great for games, but not desirable otherwise.


Logitech Setpoint Setup


The next tab down allows you to set your zoom speed and acceleration.  Notice that all these windows have "Select Program" available?  Not only can you custom set all the buttons, but you can set them differently for each individual program!


Setpoint, Acceleration


One more tab down and we're able to set up how the scroll wheel feels.  I think this is a great feature, custom setting each button for each program makes you feel like this mouse was made especially for you.


Setpoint, Logitech, battery indicator


The very bottom tab shows you how many days (or you can set it to percentage) are left on your batteries.  It looks like I have eight months remaining on mine!


How Does it Work?

This is a great mouse!  It fits my hand like it was custom made for it, and the tactile feel of the surfaces are both very comfortable and easy to clean.  My only complaint is that the feel of the switches and wheels are 'a bit' less in quality than the top of the line MX Revolution mouse it replaced and probably less than the Logitech Performance Mouse MX as well.

It's really nice being able to custom set each button and wheel.  It will take you a few days to experiment and see how you want everything set up, but once you become a Logitech user you'll be able to do this in mere minutes.


A Driver Issue

I had a driver installation issue with my workstation.  It took me a few hours to sort it out, but in the end I found out the new mouse driver didn't play well with my video card driver.  The mouse would "hang" and "stutter" and this is totally unacceptable.  I called their customer service and within 2-3 minutes was talking to a knowledgeable technician who guided me through some testing and helped me determine the problem wasn't with their mouse or their mouse driver.  Having heard manufacturers tell me this before, especially right after I installed their new product, has had me rolling my eyes.

However, I did listen to his recommendations and after hanging up I started disabling driver after driver to see when the issue went away.  The second driver I disabled was my video driver and the problem cleared itself.  Enabling the video driver made the problem come back.  From there it was simply a matter of going through the video driver and trying settings to see what was messing with the mouse driver.  I found it and after checking the Nvidia site learned it's a bug they're aware of and it will be fixed in the next release.



This is a good mouse and the price was right.  I like getting stuff for free.  The support tech even extended my warranty for another full three years.  Everything is high quality and works as it should.  I think for most users this mouse would be more than they'd ever expect.

Because I spend a lot of time doing fine detail work I think I'll go ahead and order the Logitech Performance Mouse MX from the states.  Based on my experience with the MX Revolution I think it will be marginally better, but with all the time I spend on the computer even marginal improvements are very welcome.


Logitech MX Performance Mouse used for image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

Logitech Performance Mouse MX


One nice thing is that the MX1100 and the Performance Mouse MX have their buttons and wheels in exactly the same locations.  I'll be able to go back and forth between these two mice with relative ease should a warranty issue require me sending the Performance Mouse back to the states.


Side View, MX Performance Mouse

Logitech Performance Mouse MX


Solid weighted feel, great tactile feel, quality buttons and wheels, and great software.  There isn't much more you could want in a mouse.  I can't tell you how much it is locally, but I can tell you the MX Revolution was baht 3800 so this should be less.  If you need a quality mouse, and who doesn't, the MX1100 is a great choice!