LCD protectors seem to another one of the eternally debated “need/don’t need” items like UV filters. I’ve used several and none have been perfect. The GGS Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector is reviewed here.


GSS Screen Protector


The ones that came with my Nikon’s worked, though in time they got scuffed up (better than my LCD I supposed) and occasionally stripped off by accident. They also collect dust on the inside and have to be periodically cleaned.

I’ve gotten some stick on film protectors. The “invisible shield” type worked pretty well, though application could be a pain and they were a bit pricy. I’ve also got some cheaper Hoodman types. Optically they were not the greatest. Once I even just cut a strip of laminating film and used that (less than stellar results).

So when I needed one for my Fuji X100 I decided to give the all glass type a try. It fixes all the flaws I’ve ever had and is as close to perfection as I have known.


The instructions are clearly translated from Chinese and not the best, but applying the protector is very easy. Clean your LCD with some type of LCD safe degreaser (I used lens cleaner) and let dry. Peel the stickers off the front and back of the protector, line it up, press straight down. Because the protector is rigid and flat you don’t have any chance of bubbles or misalignment. If you get it right (which is EASY) it’s not going to drift, warp, bubble or bunch. It goes right on and stays on, end of story. After all the gyrations I’ve got through with the different film types it seemed too easy.


Its strong tempered glass with an aluminum oxide outer layer to make it very hard. This doesn’t make the camera bulletproof, its there to deal with scratches. Since it a rigid unit it will also take impacts that would have damaged soft LCD’s.


Optically this is by far the best solution I have seen. The clarity of the image through the protector is excellent, minimal loss.


I’ve only shopped for it on Amazon and no matter how you slice it between cost and shipping you end up paying about $5 US, which I consider very reasonable for the piece of mind and quality of the product.

Look and Fit

The protector is pretty thin and you couldn’t tell just by looking at the camera that it is on there. I got the 3 inch model for my Fuji which technically has a 2.8” LCD. The protector covered the back glass (including the part that isn’t over the LCD) perfectly.


GSS Screen Protector on Fuji X100



There are two possible gotacha’s with the product depending on what type of camera you have.

If you have a camera that as a articulated rotating LCD (the type that folds up into the back) the additional thickness may cause some issues.

Also I have no idea if this would interfere with a touch-screen LCD.

Aside from that I would recommend this product for any LCD protection need, I know that I’ll be getting one to replace the plastic cover on my D300 the next time it gets lost and going forward I’ll be getting one each time I get a good camera.