Logitech Performance Mouse used at Bangkok Images



A few weeks back I wrote a review on Logitech's MX1100 cordless laser mouse.  In that review I detailed my previous experience with Logitech's MX Revolution mouse which I'd used for three years and that Logitech Service replaced the MX Revolution with the MX1100.  In that review I compared both the MX Revolution and the MX1100, and in the summary said part of me still wanted to test drive Logitech's top mouse product, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.  That part of me won out and I placed my order.

Unfortunately the Logitech Performance Mouse MX is not available in Thailand.  I had to order it from the states.  It is now their current "top mouse" and it has some impressive new features.  It also comes up short in some areas when compared to the MX Revolution mouse and I'll cover these areas as well.

A week ago my new mouse arrived and I've used it for a week and have formed some opinions.



Without a doubt, this is 'overall' the best mouse Logitech has ever made and its due to the following features.


Logitech Performance Mouse side view


Darkfield Laser

This is brand new laser technology that allows the Performance Mouse to 'properly' track over almost any surface you can imagine, you can even use it on glass table tops without a  mouse pad.

Anyone who does detailed imaging or fast game playing knows how important the unsung hero the mouse pad is.  A positive uniform surface is vital to proper tracking and a proper mouse pad has always been essential to the best possible performance.  Not anymore!  Now, with Darkfield virtually any surface becomes ideal for a mouse pad which can have many advantages in style, when traveling, or when you just don't have or want a mouse pad.


Unifying Receiver


Unifying receiver, Logitech


USB dongle transceivers for mice and keyboards are nothing new, but look how small this one is.  You can put it in the USB port of your laptop and never take it out.  There is no need to remove it.  If you use your mouse with several laptops, or a laptop and desktop, extra receivers are available for roughly $10 USD each.

Further, a single receiver can be used to connect up to six compatible devices which reduces the number of USB ports required.  I like this receiver.


Flexible Recharging System


recharging battery, Logitech Performance Mouse


This is genius! (or at least obvious) There is a easy to replace, user replaceable, rechargeable battery.  It's a simple NIMH AA battery which can be found anywhere for a couple of bucks.  The battery can be charged via connection to a USB port and the mouse can be used while connected and charging.  We all know rechargeable batteries work great and hold a charge when new, but after 6-12 months of continuous use they'll often only hold a charge for a fraction of that time.  Now, when the battery starts to fade you can replace it to 'as new' performance for a few bucks.  This is great!

The MX Revolution had rechargeable batteries which lasted 4-7 days when new, but you had to put the mouse in a docking device to recharge the batteries, often when you were in the middle of  a project.  Irritating!

The MX1100 takes disposable AA Alkalines which look to last a good 6-8 months per pair.  This is great, but today we're trying to limit the number of batteries that end up in land fills so I like a user replaceable rechargeable better.  Besides, if we must we can put a AA Alkaline in the Performance Mouse.. so its the best of both worlds.


Sculpted Right Hand Shape


Performance Mouse, Logitech


This is hardly a 'feature' if your left handed, both my father and brother and my uncle would tell me this.  I'm not left handed so it works for me is what I'd tell them.. :)

Really, this is the best size vs. shaped mouse I've ever used for my hand.  It's obvious a lot of thought and design went into the Performance Mouse.  It fits my smaller than average hand very well, and the buttons and wheels are ideally located and very smart in function.

The MX Revolution is almost as good, while the MX1100 is just 'too large' for total comfort.  All three have the same basic shape, but the subtle nuances of the Performance Mouse MX and the higher quality buttons and wheels are real and appreciated.

You'll also appreciate the tactile rubber compounds ideally placed where you'll need them the most, and the smooth frictionless surfaces where you'll feel them the least.

And there's also no denying the lines, the metal toned trim, and that this is just a great looking mouse!


Hyper-Fast Scrolling


Scroll wheel


The scroll wheel can be programmed for custom functions in any program you desire.  It has two modes, click and free spinning.  The button immediately to the bottom of the scroll wheel changes the mode from click to spin.

You'd think this would be the cats meow if you've never used the MX Revolution with it's automatic mechanism that automatically changes the wheel from click to free spinning depending on which levels you choose in the software.  This was a great mechanism that worked for me for three years without fail and I'll miss it.  Having to push a button while quickly navigating a long document or web page is just plain irritating. Logitech, what in the world were you thinking!

For this series of mice, the Performance Mouse MX and all the others currently available, we'll have to do without the automatic switching scroll wheel.  Lets hope Logitech wises up and brings back this feature.  This feature alone would prompt me to order a new mouse tomorrow.


Four Thumb Buttons


Side buttons, Performance Mouse Logitech


These buttons are ideally placed, of very high quality, and allow you to assign any function you want through use of Logitech's Setpoint software.

The older MX Revolution also had a side wheel that I used all the time and I miss it as well.


Logitech MX Revolution, used at Bangkok Images


This isn't as big a loss as the automatic scrolling wheel, but it's deletion is obviously a cost cutting measure and we can always use more ideally and properly placed controls.  I wish they'd bring it back.


Software and Drivers


Logitech SetPoint


The drivers and Setpoint software are both a breeze to install and easy to use.  I covered their use and custom feature setup in detail in the MX1100 review and I encourage you to read it again.  Everything 100% translates to the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.


Actual Use & Summary

This mouse is a joy to use.  It tracks perfectly over any surface I've tried, and the level of control it provides due to it's dual choice DPI settings allow you to whiz quickly over screen real estate when required, and a quick push of the hidden button later the mouse slows to a crawl for exact detailed work.

In the week I used it there have been no issues of any kind.  Tracking is perfect, I'm still on the original battery charge and it's only at 60%, and the size and feel suits me perfectly.

Overall, all things considered, this is Logitech's best mouse yet.  It's my choice from all the others.  Yet, some features like the automatic free spin/click scroll wheel should immediately be brought back in the next release, as should the side wheel.

The Performance Mouse comes with a nice zip pouch that holds several nice items.  A "receiver re-locator" which is basically an extension that plugs into a USB port on one end, and accepts the unifying receiver on the other so you can place it closer to the actual point of use.  There is also a wall plug with a USB port so you can connect the also included cable to this port to charge the battery.  You should also know this is the new type of "mini-USB" port more commonly found on cell phones and Bluetooth headsets rather than on computer peripherals.. The pouch and accessories are a nice touch to let you know Logitech appreciates you buying their flagship product.

I can't tell you enough how important human interface devices (keyboards, monitors, mouses, graphics tablets, etc, etc) are to the complete workstation experience.  Very important.  With that said, I'll continue to use the Logitech Performance Mouse MX until something else better comes along.  Right now this is the best mouse available.  I suspect Logitech will be the company to surpass it.