Today was the big day, the day Amazon announced their new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.  And I’ve already pre-ordered mine!  This isn’t like me at all, I don’t order any electronic gadget before reading a ton of reviews and knowing everything there is to know about the gadget.  And even then Apple’s Ipad didn’t reel me in, nor did any of the many Android based tablets which have been released since.  So why did I literally jump to order the Amazon Kindle Fire?




First, what exactly is the Amazon Kindle Fire?  It’s about half of what the Apple Ipad 2 is.  The necessary half.  The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7 inch 1024x600 IPS Gorilla glass covered dual core processor powered cloud storage based wi-fi connectable USB and Audio port equipped 14.6 ounce custom Android based tablet which will run 8 hours on a single charge and retails for $199.00 USD’s.  $210.98 delivered via 2-day Air.  What else do you need?




What do I need a tablet for?  I really don’t.  I didn’t need a $800 Ipad 2, or a $400 Android tablet, and I don’t need a $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.  But at $199 I ‘want’ one.  At $199 if I don’t like it I’ll give it to a family member.  If I do like it I’ll order one for everyone.  At $199 I won’t worry if it gets scratched, or lost, or the battery goes flat right outside of the warranty period.  $199 does that.  It’s a kind of magic price that tells the buyer “so what, buy me..”  $199 is the price that will finally result in serious competition for the Apple Ipad 2, 3, and 4.





I’d love to tell you I bought this to run photo aps, or to use tethered to my DSLR, or to serve as a second monitor to my laptop.  But I really don’t know if it will do any of those things.  After all, that’s why I bought my Lenovo x201s reviewed here.





Have you ever used the Amazon Kindle Reader software for your PC or Smartphone?  I use it nearly every day.  It’s wonderful, probably the best ebook reader out there.  Amazon keeps all my books in their cloud available any time I need them.  Amazon also provides Kindle versions of all the free books in the public domain.  The Amazon Kindle Reader PC application lets me take notes, highlight text, it looks up words, and it remembers the last page I read.  On every book I’ve opened.  It’s the easiest to use quality ebook reader and ebook buying service I’ve ever used.   The Amazon Kindle Fire promises to be better.  I bought the Amazon Kindle Fire because I use the Kindle Reader application every day.  And it’s only $199.




The Amazon Kindle Fire also provides access to Amazon’s streaming movie and tv series collection which while not Netflix, it’s still very complete.  With it’s headphone jack I’ll be able to connect to my Itunes library on my Dlna server FTP from anywhere.  I’m sure I’ll also be able to view my FTP stored images from any location. 





You see, the Amazon Kindle Fire will do everything I really want it to do, and probably more.  But I have little doubt it will be worth it’s $199 Apple Ipad 2 killing price.  And if it doesn’t, for $199 I can hang it in the parrots cage so they can surf the web, no worries it has Gorilla glass so I’m sure it can handle a parrot.

Seriously, for $199 it’s an easy purchase for my first tablet and will provide the opportunity  to learn about tablets.  Even if its just a useful stepping stone to something better, it’s still worth it’s cost.  Mine arrives on November 17th.  I’ll let you know how I like it soon thereafter.   Ordering a Amazon Kindle Fire?