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Bangkok Images is a Bangkok based photography business geared towards professional coverage of events and professional workshops designed to build on the skill set of the amateur or hobbyist photographer.  We teach at all skill levels from the very basic to the advanced.

Please let me introduce myself as most people know me locally, they call me BkkSteve.   I’ve lived in Asia in excess of 24 years, twelve of those years Thailand.  Retired from the military I’ve made photography my second career.  Living a military life I’ve been all over the world and started photography as a hobby over  30 years ago.  

Eventually I covered local events for news publications and soon photo journalism was a part time passion that I’ve continued to the present.  During this time I had a keen interest in photography and regularly took on whatever assignments I could fit in around my day job including weddings, coverage of sporting events, and travel pieces.  I opened my own studio in Oregon and for five years covered everything from normal studio photography, weddings, sporting events, aerial photography, and just about anything that fell under the “general photography.”

I hold several academic degrees and have experience teaching university classes in the sociology and business programs for several extension universities operating in Asia and several local universities. While never a full time position, I regularly picked up classes as my military duties allowed and grew to enjoy it very much.  I also have experience as a certified Military Instructor and Company Commander, holding a full time instructor position at the Navy Technical Training Center Pensacola Florida.  While there I met the requirements to earn the Master Training Specialist designation.  As a military instructor I taught advanced electronic and cryptography courses for the Navy’s Intelligence and Cryptology programs.

Even though I have a strong formal background in teaching most of my experience comes from hands on instruction and guidance through which I’ve learned to teach an     extremely varied set of students.  In my experience no two people learn exactly the same way, each person requires slightly different methods or techniques to ensure they fully understand the material.  I’ve found that having fun and an easy going nature contributes to student enjoyment of the subject and eventually long term retention.

Now with eight years experience teaching photography workshops in Thailand II've carefuly refined my courses,  teaching techniques, and workshop venues to more fully benefit the international student visiting Thailand and wanting to learn the skills most likely to benefit them on their continued travels in the local area amd surroundingi countries, and of course your new skills will translate well back home as well. 
I carry this experience and more with me into the field as I teach both the relevant theory and hands on techniques of photography, individually tailoring instruction as necessary to ensure each student gets the most possible from a truly unique experience.  On occasion I bring a fellow professional into the field with me to help teach a specific workshop.  Each professional I use is highly qualified and their unique qualifications will be listed before each workshop.


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